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December 16, 2022

Polyteia supports the State of Berlin in the evaluation of housing policy

Senatskanzlei und Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung, Bauen und Wohnen des Landes Berlin gehen mit Polyteia Solution zu Wohnungsbau live.

Polyteia supports the State of Berlin in the evaluation of housing policy

Polyteia has developed an internal control solution for housing construction for the Senate Chancellery and the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing of the State of Berlin so that the Governing Mayor can speak at any time about the current status of housing construction in Berlin. This can be used, for example, to evaluate current figures on building permits and completions per district and builder. In the future, the application will also be made available to the public.

Berlin, 15. Dezember 2022

Together with the Senate Chancellery and the Senate Department for Urban Development, Construction and Housing, the Berlin-based start-up Polyteia has developed an application that brings together data on housing construction in Berlin from various sources and processes it intuitively. The application will initially be used internally within the administration, then further expanded and in the medium term also made available to the public.

In the application, for example, the historical to current development of flats approved and completed in Berlin per year can be traced. These key figures can also be broken down to the districts to see in which housing construction is currently developing most dynamically. In addition, the application also processes the housing stock and current shares of the public housing associations in the total completions and permits.

The application was developed in an agile process between Polyteia and the clients. In the next iterations, not only will further key figures be added, but the data transfer from different institutions will also be rethought, especially to ensure that the figures are up-to-date.

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About Polyteia

Polyteia is a Berlin-based startup that empowers public administration to make better decisions with a secure and sovereign SaaS data platform. Polyteia's data platform Leto enables the automated integration, transformation and visualisation of data from different source systems in public administration. Leto is accessible through the Solution and Studio product lines.

The Solutions are designed to cover the most common use cases in the public sector for different work areas. If required, individual Solutions can also be designed for public authorities. With the no-code/low-code solution Studio, data is flexibly integrated and processed. Whether with or without programming knowledge, highly individual requirements can thus be implemented without any problems.

Leto is hosted and operated on Deutsche Telekom servers (Open Telekom Cloud) with a German server location (Magdeburg). This is BSI-certified (ISO 27001) and is classified as a "Trusted Cloud" by the BMWK.

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