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Why become a Procurement Partner ?

Collaboration in tenders and expansion of your portfolio.

We collaborate with our procurement partners to establish joint bidding consortia, with a shared commitment to participating in tenders and overseeing data processing and governance within the scope of our responsibilities.

Our innovative data platform empowers IT service providers to deliver cutting-edge solutions to their clients. This partnership can take one two forms: IT service providers integrate our Platform Packages and Data Solutions into their service offerings. Or the service provider serves as a data supplier. In this scenario, customers directly procure the desired Platform Packages and Data Solution from us, while the IT service provider provides access to the data sources.

Collaborate dynamically.

We bring a wealth of experience and a strong track record, with references spanning multiple government levels, from local municipalities to state and federal entities. We offer you the opportunity to enrich your portfolio with compelling success stories.

Our Alliances Team plays a vital role in facilitating an active partnership throughout the bidding process, offering a wealth of expertise in developing essential materials, concepts, and formal documentation.

Why Polyteia?

We offer a flexible and scalable infrastructure.

Our platform empowers our customers to streamline data integration, transformation, and visualization from a wide range of public administration source systems.

Our no code/low code approach ensures accessibility to users of all data literacy levels. Our team combines expertise in data ingestion, data preparation, and data storytelling.

With insights gained from over 80 customers, we're equipped to assist you with any questions related to data utilization and governance.

We are cloud-based, sovereign and secure.

Our data platform operates as a Software-as-a-Service in the cloud, with server hosting and company headquarters in Germany. The platform is available 24/7 and can be scaled swiftly.

The core of our source code is available as open source, bolstering our digital sovereignty. Access to our platform is entirely end-to-end encrypted, and our cloud infrastructure is BSI-certified. Personal data is processed in accordance with the highest data protection standards.

Trusted partners.

Our partnership-driven ecosystem approach ensures that we work with the best providers in the market. Thanks to long-standing, trusted relationships, we can swiftly execute projects and create value for our customers.

Kernfunktionalitäten der Datenlösung.


Bevölkerungsprognose nach Bezirk und Alter auf Basis der Einwohnermeldedaten.


Aufbereitung der Flüchtlingsbewegung nach Geschlecht und Alter.


Kitabedarfsprognose auf Basis der demografischen Entwicklung.


Visualisierung des Zu- und Fortzugs der Bevölkerung, inklusive Ziel- /Herkunftsort.

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