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Trusted by more than 100 public administrations.

Instant data analysis with our data platform.
↳ At the push of a button.

Polyteia's data platform enables the automated integration, transformation and visualization of data from different source systems in public administrations.

Easily create reports.

For both tech-savvy and non-technical users, our platform empowers you to effortlessly visualize your data and generate reports at the push of a button.

One place for your data.

Streamline your data management. Upload CSV files, connect databases, and create custom data input masks for missing sources. Keep all your essential data in one place.

Effective navigation.

Respond immediately to new developments with real-time data.

Efficient collaboration.

Collaborate with colleagues on reports in real time using commenting and approval processes.

Cloud-based. Sovereign.


Our platform operates as a cloud-based software-as-a-service, ensuring 24/7 accessibility and rapid scalability. It demands zero effort from your IT team for operation and hosting.


We host and run our platform on the Open Telekom Cloud, with both server location and company headquarters based in Germany. Additionally, the fundamental components of our software code are accessible as open source, fortifying your digital sovereignty.


Our platform ensures full security. All access is end-to-end encrypted, our cloud infrastructure is BSI-certified, and we process personal data in line with the highest data protection and IT security standards.

Our packages give you access to our data platform.
↳ You can upgrade your chosen package with our data solutions.

Unlock the power of our data platform.

Decide for a platform package: Basic, Professional or Enterprise. Our platform packages are tailored to serve varying levels of complexity when working with data.

Supercharge your platform package with solutions tailored to your needs.

Unlock the full potential of your platform package by adding data solutions to your package. We collaborate with your IT department to establish data connectors for effortless data transfer or provide you with data input masks where no sources are available.

Hear from our customers
↳ Our platform in action.

With our platform public sector entities of all government levels create daily updated reports at the click of a button for their field of work

Susanna Boemer

City of Solingen

Maria Bauer

Analytics Lead
City of Berlin

Hugo Smith

Data Analyst
City of Meschede

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the Polyteia platform compatible with government process software?

Certainly! We collaborate with government process software providers and IT service providers to guarantee a smooth integration.

Can I build my own Solutions?

Absolutely! With any of our packages (Basic, Professional, Enterprise), you have the flexibility to create customized Solutions.

How secure is my data when working with Polyteia?

All access is end-to-end encrypted, our cloud infrastructure is BSI-certified, and we process personal data in line with the highest data protection and IT security standards.

Is it possible to operate the Polyteia platform On-Premise?

We believe that cloud operation brings substantial benefits. However, we are also open to discuss all alternative options with you.

Let’s talk about your needs.

Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll let you know how you can leverage our platform tailored to your needs.

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