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Enable data usage.

The demographic shift presents a mounting challenge for public entities, as they contend with a diminishing workforce. Furthermore, the presence of data silos hampers collaboration, leading to errors, wasted time, and frustration. Consequently, both administrative staff and department heads face impediments in fulfilling their primary responsibilities.

Together we provide the solutions to surmount these challenges and empower efficient operations

Create win-win situations.

Streamlining data utilization within public administrations is an imperative but often challenging endeavor. The procedures involving data transfer and preparation for decision-making tend to be time-consuming, diverting valuable resources from more strategic tasks. Manual processes can introduce inefficiencies and errors.

However, we don't tackle this issue alone. Collaboratively, we engineer solutions that benefit all parties, engaging with both our existing and prospective customers.

Why Polyteia?

We offer a flexible, scalable and secure infrastructure.

As Technology Alliance, we increase the value of your data and technologies by seamlessly integrating them into our platform.

This not only results in substantial savings in ongoing efforts and recurring costs for your organization but also ensures a smooth and automated integration process for our existing and prospect customers.

Benefit from technical know-how and expertise.

As Technology Partner, you unlock the potential of our extensive expertise in crafting holistic data solutions that deliver real value to public administration.

We don't just provide technical know-how; we foster collaborative technology discussions with you, promoting a shared knowledge exchange that can further elevate your capabilities.

Become a part of our research and development initiatives.

As Technology Alliance, we bring together our innovation and expertise to create consortia for promising research projects. This way we expand our portfolio with state-of-the-art technologies.

Kernfunktionalitäten der Datenlösung.


Bevölkerungsprognose nach Bezirk und Alter auf Basis der Einwohnermeldedaten.


Aufbereitung der Flüchtlingsbewegung nach Geschlecht und Alter.


Kitabedarfsprognose auf Basis der demografischen Entwicklung.


Visualisierung des Zu- und Fortzugs der Bevölkerung, inklusive Ziel- /Herkunftsort.

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