The data platform for municipalities.
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With our data platform, cities, municipalities and districts generate daily updated reports at the push of a button.

A large community of users.

A thriving community comprising hundreds of customers from public entities, actively exchanging best practices.

Freeing up personnel resources.

Automated data integration instead of manual merging and preparation, saving an average of 2 FTEs.

Reports generated at the push of a button.

Effortless creation of intuitive reports for the council or other departments at the push of a button.

Our clients include

A proven track record.
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Case Study: Wadgassen

How the municipality of Wadgassen is using our Demography Solution to improve its social infrastructure.

Case Study: Pattensen

How the city of Pattensen is using our Daycare Solution to create automated reports and scenario planning.

Live data in real time

With our platform, you’re able to access live data when you need it most. Get daily updates on what you need for your municipality.

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What we offer you.
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Unlock the power of our data platform.

Decide for a platform package: Basic, Professional or Enterprise. Our platform packages are tailored to serve varying levels of complexity when working with data.

Supercharge your platform package with solutions tailored to your needs.

We configure interfaces to integrate your data sources into our platform (e.g., government process software). Your data is provided as real-time reports that you can easily customize. Where data sources are absent, we create data input masks.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is the Polyteia platform compatible with government process software?

Certainly! We collaborate with government process software providers and IT service providers to guarantee a smooth integration.

Can I build my own Solutions?

Absolutely! With any of our packages (Basic, Professional, Enterprise), you have the flexibility to create customized Solutions.

How secure is my data when working with Polyteia?

All access is end-to-end encrypted, our cloud infrastructure is BSI-certified, and we process personal data in line with the highest data protection and IT security standards.

Is it possible to operate the Polyteia platform On-Premise?

We believe that cloud operation brings substantial benefits. However, we are also open to discuss all alternative options with you.

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