City of Goslar: Personnel management


For the automated merging of personnel data and the visualisation and availability of current key figures, several data sources were integrated step by step in Goslar. This was achieved on the one hand through cooperation with the local IT service provider KDO and on the other hand with the municipal IT department, which overlooked the connection of the locally hosted specialised procedures. Together with the decision-makers in the personnel administration of the city of Goslar, it was decided which key figures were of particular importance for communication with politicians.

Through Polyteia, the city council is regularly informed about staff situations, job plans, certain quotas such as gender distribution or sick leave. Via the browser-based personnel module, one can answer many questions in great detail and at short notice. This makes the administration more confident and the councillors more up to date. For example, one can look at when many city employees will retire in the next ten years and when there might be a shortage of staff. Or whether there are certain departments or groups in which the sickness rate is high – and whether something can be done about it.

Data sources

Various specialised procedures were iteratively integrated to collect the data. First, an automated export was set up for the data from the personnel management software P&I Loga, which aggregates and transfers the statistically relevant data to agreed frequencies.

In order to display further views such as absences or personnel costs, the integrations into the corresponding specialist procedures AIDA and Infoma Finance are also currently underway.


For staff in the Central Services Department, the effort required to collate relevant data to produce staffing ratios has been significantly reduced. Council members feel better informed due to the more frequent communication of central key figures. The city of Goslar has also introduced the demography module and plans to base its school development planning on Polyteia’s products. By using several solutions at the same time, data sets can be linked and additional insights can be gained.

The policy had set as a requirement to receive a quarterly staff report on the situation with us. We wanted to comply with this, but with a system that generates the personnel data automatically.

Oliver Kasties