Saarland rolls out data platform for demography statewide

From now on, the 58 municipal administrations and state authorities of the Saarland can analyse their population development on the basis of the population register data on a daily basis and forecast it on a small scale. The aim is to support planning and decision-making with data. For this purpose, the Zweckverband eGo-Saar works together with the Berlin-based GovTech company Polyteia, whose data platform is used for public administration.

Berlin / Saarbrücken, 7. Juni 2022 – In Germany, public administration is only just beginning to use data. In particular, data from the registers and specialised procedures, although well maintained, exist in silos and are still used far too rarely for decision-making and planning processes. The Saarland is breaking new ground here.

The more than 58 municipal administrations as well as state authorities can now analyse the population development on the basis of the population register data on a daily basis and forecast it on a small scale. For this purpose, the Zweckverband eGo-Saar provides the data platform of the GovTech company Polyteia throughout the state. This platform automatically processes data from the population register and prepares them as daily analyses of population development (e.g. influx, births, age structure) as well as forecasts of the population by age cohorts and districts.

With a view to the current crisis situation of refugees from Ukraine, the Saarland municipalities also receive a special evaluation that is updated weekly. Here, the focus is particularly on age groups relevant to care and school-age groups. From the corresponding data, the Saarland municipalities, city administrations and district offices as well as state authorities should be able to anticipate the short- and medium-term additional burden on the social infrastructure such as daycare centres and schools in good time, estimate the effects and react accordingly on the basis of the data – without additional manual effort.

The data solution in the area of demography was already successfully piloted and tested in 2021 with the municipalities of Wadgassen, St. Ingbert, Gersheim and Wadern. Sebastian Greiber, mayor of the municipality of Wadgassen, is one of the first users. “With Polyteia’s platform, I have access to cleansed data and visualisations for the demographics of our municipality at any time. Last year, we already carried out our school and day-care planning along the evaluations of the population registration data from Polyteia. This enabled us to react early to the rising birth rates and to expand childcare capacities in time. In the municipality of Wadgassen, all families get a KITA place at short notice,” comments Greiber.

Faruk Tuncer, founder and managing director of Polyteia welcomes the openness and progress orientation of the project. “The Saarland and the Zweckverband eGo-Saar are taking on a pioneering role in data-based governance and administration with the roll-out of automated aggregation, transformation and processing of resident registration data,” Tuncer underlines.

“With Polyteia’s sovereign data platform, we have an administration-compliant solution at our side with which we can jointly drive data use in our member administrations and thus digital transformation,” explains Stephan Thul, Managing Director of the Zweckverband eGo-Saar. The state-wide data solution in the area of demography is only the prelude to many other use cases, such as daycare and school planning, financial controlling and personnel management, in which the data platform will be used.

The Zweckverband „Elektronische Verwaltung im Saarland – eGo-Saar“ is the point of contact for the Saarland state government for joint e-government projects, thereby ensuring cooperation across administrative levels in Saarland.
The eGo-Saar offers its members basic infrastructures, network services and computing services for sustainable administrative modernisation.

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About Polyteia

Polyteia is a Berlin-based startup that empowers public administration to make better decisions with a secure and sovereign SaaS data platform. Polyteia’s data platform Leto enables the automated integration, transformation and visualisation of data from different source systems in public administration. Leto is accessible through the Solution and Studio product lines.

The Solutions are designed to cover the most common use cases in the public sector for different work areas. If required, individual Solutions can also be designed for public authorities. With the no-code/low-code solution Studio, data is flexibly integrated and processed. Whether with or without programming knowledge, highly individual requirements can thus be implemented without any problems.

Leto is hosted and operated on Deutsche Telekom servers (Open Telekom Cloud) with a German server location (Magdeburg). This is BSI-certified (ISO 27001) and is classified as a “Trusted Cloud” by the BMWK.