Polyteia participates in GovTech program Denmark

The GovTech Program Denmark is a joint initiative of the Danish Ministry of Industry, Economics and Finance and the European GovTech Venture Firm PUBLIC. The goal of the program is to bring together the Danish ministry administration with the solutions proposed by young IT startups. To this end, five different units of the ministry have formulated current challenges they face in their work processes in so-called “challenges”. These units and departments were then brought together with startups that could develop possible solutions to these challenges. In an iterative process, administrative and company representatives were able to get to know each other, flesh out the problems and outline digital solutions.to obtain and act effectively.

Polyteia participated in Challenge 5 of the Danish Consumer and Competition Agency, which was looking for a data-based solution to optimize the time-consuming process of price regulation of water and wastewater utilities.

At the end of the market dialog, the ministerial departments can decide whether to actually issue a call for tenders. With the decisive advantage that they have a better overview of the market and available products. Through the program, companies have the opportunity to validate and raise awareness of their solutions with new potential customer segments.