Polyteia wins Smart Country Startup Award 2019

At the second edition of the Smart Country Convention in Berlin, Polyteia came out on top as the winner of the Startup Award in the “E-Government” category. “Polyteia and LiveEO presented ideas that are not only technologically convincing, but also bring real benefits to citizens and the public sector,” said Jenny Boldt, Head of Startups at Bitkom. In a short 3-minute pitch, the startups had to convince the jury of the degree of innovation and the actual applicability of their solution. The evaluation of data from specialized procedures in conjunction with the prioritization of processes and services makes it possible to maintain the functionality of the administration and to act effectively.

“Congratulations to this year’s winners Polyteia and LiveEO! It was not an easy task for our jury, there were a number of excellent project proposals. I wish all the young companies who participated in the competition with their creative and, above all, innovative ideas, every success.”

— Ramona Pop
Berlin Senator fot Econimic Affairs and member of the jury

In addition, Polyteia also presented itself with a booth and at the Startup Pitch of KPMG at the Smart Country Convention. During the three days, many conversations could be held with municipalities, other digital startups and representatives of other administrative levels.