Polyeia hosts panel at Smart Country Convention 2020

At the virtual Smart Country Convention 2020, Polyteia brought together exciting speakers on the panel of the Deep Dive Session “Ways into the data-based city hall”. Brigitte Lutz (City of Vienna), Dieter Rehfeld (regio it), Dirk Wagner (City of Solingen) and Gerhard Hammerschmid (Hertie School Berlin) discussed, among other things, the key findings of the study “Good Data. Gute Verwaltung.”, which Polyteia published together with the Hertie School in September 2020.

Brigitte Lutz reported on the factors that made the data strategy in Vienna a success, and Dirk Wagner outlined how the city of Solingen wants to make its employees fit in terms of data literacy. Despite some technical difficulties, some of the audience members were able to ask the panelists their questions at the end.