Polyteia-Workshop with more than 20 mayors at the Baden-Württemberg Association of Municipalities in Stuttgart.

On February 12th, 2019 Polyteia and the Gemeindetag Baden-Württemberg organized a workshop titled “Making Data Useful for Decisions”. With around twenty cities and municipalities signing up, tickets quickly sold out after the invitations were sent.

The goal of the workshop was to figure out in which areas and in what form data could be helpful in communities’ decision-making processes.

The President of the Gemeindetag Baden-Württemberg, Roger Kohle, opened the workshop with a plea for more courage for digitalization and an openness on the part of municipalities to cooperate with young start-ups such as Polyteia, which often offer flexible and suitable solutions for cities and municipalities. Raimon Ahrens, Mayor of Rudersberg, the first pilot city for Polyteia in Baden-Württemberg, explained why he decided to work with Polyteia in Rudersberg.

As part of the “Cities and Municipalities 4.0 - Future Communities” funding program of the Ministry of the Interior, Digitalization, and Migration, the Gemeindetag Baden-Württemberg organizes workshops to bring innovative municipalities and early stage startups together around the same table.

We have to trust in digitalization and not be afraid to make mistakes. The important thing is that we all take care to not make the same ones.
Raimon Ahrens
Mayor of Rudersberg

Afterwards, the municipal representatives exchanged ideas and shared their experiences at various tables, each assigned a particular topic such as industry, infrastructure, urban development, education, or budget. Together the participants identified which key figures are important for their topic and where the corresponding data may live.

Faruk Tuncer, CEO of Polyteia, presented the possibilities already offered by their Smart Governance Platform with the demography and school modules. Ilona Benz from Gemeindetag Baden-Württemberg then explained which funding opportunities the Future Communities Program offers municipalities that decide to work with Polyteia.

Finally, over a midday snack, there was an opportunity for the various representatives and Polyteia to mingle and get to know each other. Business cards could be exchanged, next steps could be discussed, and appointments to meet again could be made.