Polyteia launches smart governance platform with City of Oranienburg and City of Wriezen.

Die City of Oranienburg and City of Wriezen, both located in Brandenburg (Germany), are the first municipalities in Germany to use Polyteia’s smart governance platform for data-empowered decision-making for the field of child care.

Both cities were onboarded with kick-offs in the second week of October 2018. Together with key decision makers from the city’s administrations and the Polyteia team all user were introduced in an on-site workshop.

For Mike Wedel, Head of Central Services at the City of Oranienburg, Polytei is about saving time and resources on the employee’s side for data processing:

With Polyteia I have all of the relevant data on a central platform. Up-to-date reports are available at the push of a button. It doesn’t get better than that.
Mike Wedel
Head of Central Services at the City of Oranienburg

Angelika Kerstenski, Treasurer at the City of Wriezen, emphasized the platform’s potential for effective governance:

Polyteia transforms financial and operational data into KPIs and provides forecasts. These enable me to lead effectively and strategically, without any extra effort
Angelika Kerstenski
Treasurer at the City of Wriezen

Further, Angelika Kerstenski is Chairwomen of the Treasurer’s Associaton of Brandeburg, Germany.

Both cities are part of a joint cohort of municipalities that actively contributed to the development of the platform with user research and expertise. Oranienburg and Wriezen will be accompanied with a multi-stage feedback process in their first steps with the platform. They are both committed to co-create further modules together with Polyteia.