Polyteia takes part in GovTech program Denmark

The GovTech program Denmark is a shared initiative of the Danish Ministry for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and the European GovTech Venture firm PUBLIC. The program aims at bringing the Danish Federal Administration together with young IT Startups. To achieve that five of the Minstry’s divisions formulated so-called „challenges“ in which they describe a problem they are currently facing in their work processes. The divisions and departments as „challenge owners“ were then matched with startups, who could potentially build suitable solutions for those challenges. In an iterative process, government and company representatives had the chance to get to know each other better, specify the challenge to be solved and draft digital solutions for it. 

Polyteia took part in Challenge 5, put forward by the Danish Consumer and Competition Authority, looking for a solution, helping them to optimize the time-consuming process of price-regulation for water and sewage companies. 

By the end of the dialogue process between government challenge owners and the companies, the Ministry’s divisions can decide whether they want to publish a tender. Now with a better knowledge of the market and the products available. The companies profit from the opportunity to validate their solutions with new client segments and advertise their brand .

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