Child Care

You can see at any time how capacities, costs, and future space requirements are in your city.


  • Optimal Utilization of your Facilities

    Follow the development of the utilization rates in your daycare facilities, analyzing historical and up-to-date  for historical data as well as for today. Get an overview of the whole city, or drill down to individual districts, or even single facilities themselves.
  • Fitting Management of Personnel

    Optimize your personnel planning through constant monitoring of the child care ratio.
  • Plan Spots in your Daycares

    Benefit from a customized forecast for future childcare demands in your municipality. Based on your registry data and forecasts by renowned institutions.
  • Put Your Money Where it Matters Most

    Enhance your capabilities to control for costs and revenues per childcare spot and identify main cost drivers.

Case Study Wriezen

Stadt Wriezen nutzt Modul Kindertagesbetreuung für umfassendere Steuerung im Bildungsbereich.


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    Diverse Filter Options

    Filter by date range, facility, carrier type, and district.  
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    Interactive District Map

    View daycare statistics broken down by district on an interactive map.
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    Export Functionality

    Take your data with you by exporting it to PDF, Word, or Excel. Use the visualizations to enhance your reporting to the council or your communication with press and citizens.
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    Presentation Mode

    Share your insights from Polyteia directly with colleagues at a conference or in council meetings. Polyteia is optimized for presentations on a large screen or a projector.
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    Compatible with Both Doppik and Kameralistic Financial Management

    The day-care module can be set up with both Doppik and Kameralistic financial management tools.
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    Takes All Forms of Child Care into Account

    Keep track of all types of children’s day care, from independent private daycare providers to municipal facilities.

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