KDVZ Rhein-Erft-Rur concludes framework agreement with Polyteia

The municipal special-purpose association kdvz Rhein-Erft-Rur concludes a framework agreement with the GovTech startup Polyteia. In the future, the 33 member municipalities of the kdvz association area in North Rhine-Westphalia will be able to use the data-based solutions of the Berlin-based IT company for better decisions and planning processes.

Berlin/Frechen, November 29, 2021 – Data can play a key role in helping municipalities improve the lives of their citizens. However, many administrations in Germany are still in the early stages of using data. Although they already collect large amounts of data, they also face the challenge of using this data for decision-making and planning processes.

With its products, the GovTech startup Polyteia offers the appropriate solutions for these challenges by automatically merging, cleansing and visualizing data from different specialized procedures via interfaces. The kdvz Rhein-Erft-Rur is now signing a framework agreement with Polyteia to support its municipalities in the use of data across the board. The association’s municipalities include the city of Frechen, the city of Jülich and the district administration of Euskirchen.

“With Polyteia, we are pleased to sign one of the first framework agreements with a GovTech startup nationwide,” said kdvz Managing Director Christian Völz. “We are convinced of the solutions and want to enable our member municipalities to establish more data-based decisions and processes, for example in the areas of demographics, personnel management or school development. At the same time, we support Polyteia in providing data.”

“For decades, kdvz has enjoyed a high level of trust as a high-performance service provider and partner in IT challenges for municipalities in the region,” adds Faruk Tuncer, Managing Director of Polyteia. “With central competence and expertise in the procurement of software solutions and the provision of data from specialist systems, kdvz is the ideal partner to make our product and solution portfolio profitably available to the user:inside.”


As an IT service provider, the Zweckverband Kommunale Datenverarbeitungszentrale (kdvz) Rhein-Erft-Rur is the partner and first point of contact for 33 local governments in all matters relating to information technology for the public sector.