For state authorities

All data in one place

Create the central information source for your department’s data with us. Control and communicate – with daily updated data.

Relief for your employees

Automated integration of data instead of manual merging and preparation.

Reports at the click of a button

Intuitive reports – always up-to-date and created in no time at all for the council or colleagues. Also available as open data for interested citizens.

With our Solutions, state authorities receive daily updated data evaluations at the click of a button.

You can easily create reports with daily updated data for your workspace. You enter non-existent data sources via standardised input masks.
With easy access to your data, you can explore it or quickly use it for templates and reports. Let’s get talking about your Solution.

Solutions for state authorities

School development plan
  • Visualise the projected pupil numbers for districts or counties. Prepared interactively and transparently for the public.
  • Compare past forecasts with actual developments.
  • Analyse the different developments between different types of schools and districts or counties.
supports state authorities such as About the Solution
  • Analyse the spatial distribution of trades in your province according to different sectors.
  • Evaluate measures for the establishment of clusters and the promotion of new businesses.
  • Filter the resident trades according to very specific terms in their activity descriptions.
  • Investigate the structure of trades down to street level.
  • As an internal administrative or publicly available open data solution for business and civil society.
supports state authorities such as About the Solution
  • Always have all key figures on housing stock, completions and building permits at hand.
  • Compare construction dynamics in different districts or counties.
  • Track the achievement of the expansion targets of private and public sponsors.
supports state authorities such as About the Solution

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