Day Care

Day Care

Identify day care place needs in time to plan capacity utilisation and staffing.

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Optimum utilisation of your facilities

Track the development of occupancy rates in your childcare facilities. Historically and on a daily basis. Per facility and district.


Precise management of staff

Optimise your staff planning through constant monitoring of the care ratio. By age groups and facilities.


Needs-based planning of day care places

Benefit from individual demand planning for day care places in your municipality based on different scenarios. Based on your registration data as well as existing and planned capacities – to be transmitted flexibly via input masks.


Good quality care at optimal costs

Optimise your controlling of costs and coverage per childcare place to identify the biggest cost drivers.


Update or resubmit data through the possibility of input masks.


Assumption of scenarios and presentation of the resulting capacities.

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This is how the city of Pattensen uses the Kita Solution