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Hundreds of customers from 70 local authorities already work with Polyteia and share their use cases.

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Automated integration of data instead of manual merging and preparation.

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Intuitive reports – always up to date and created in no time at all for the Council or colleagues.

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With our solutions, cities, municipalities and districts create daily updated reports at the click of a button – in relevant areas of services of general interest.

Data connectors are used to automatically transfer data from your specialist systems to Polyteia. You enter non-existent data sources via standardised input masks.
You effortlessly create reports with daily updated data for your workspace. Let’s get talking about your solution.

Standard Solutions for municipalities

Human Resources
  • Analyse your staff structure by age, gender, organisational units or salary groups.
  • Forecast your staffing needs based on the staffing plan and outgoing staff.
  • Investigate patterns in absences of different units to maintain your organisation’s capacity to act at all times.
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  • Analyse the structure of your population by gender, age and nationality.
  • Evaluate which places of origin and destination account for the most inflows and outflows.
  • Base your planning on a complex local forecast – based on your population registration data.
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Day Care
  • Forecast the number of children to be cared for based on different scenarios.
  • Update capacities and occupancy rates flexibly via an intuitive input mask.
  • Identify in good time in which districts there is a shortage of daycare places and take corrective action.
  • Optimise the occupancy of your municipal day care centres and control the occupancy of independent providers and child minders.
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  • Record the occupancy rate and type of use of your school premises.
  • Keep track of how many children living in your municipality attend schools in other municipalities and vice versa.
  • Identify new capacity needs in good time. Based on your population forecast and utilisation rates.
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