Case Studies

This is how SenWeb in Berlin uses the Solution Gewerbe

Spatial analyses
The visualizations depict the spatial distribution of trades cartographically.
Overview of subsidies
The Solution presents the distribution of subsidies and evaluates the average passing time.
One click to understanding
SenWeb communicates content to citizens and the press simply through the public solution.

This is how the city of Pattensen uses the Kita Solution

Capacities at a glance
With the help of the Solution, local under/overcapacities can be recorded directly, without additional calculations.
One solution, many uses
The solution is used across the daycare planning process, e.g. for external users such as politicians.
Standard & Flexibility
The solution maps the standard of daycare planning, while Studio allows for customisation or expansion as needed.

This is how the Senbjf in Berlin uses the Solution Schule

Analyses with 4 dimensions
Visualizations depict trends by year, district, school and grade level.
More than just a forecast
The Solution presents the model calculations of the years and enables comparisons.
One click for insight
The SenBJF communicates content to citizens and the press simply through the public solution.

How the municipality of Wadgassen uses the Solution Demography

1 Solution instead of 10 Processes
Polyteia bundles process with more than 10 manual steps into one digital solution.
Relief of 3 VTÄ
With the Solution Demography, daycare planning is possible at the at the touch of a button.
No child without a daycare spot
With the help of Polyteia, Wadgassen has reduced the waiting list for daycare places to zero.

IT service providers expand their portfolio

Accelerating administrative modernization
IT service providers act as an important interface between Polyteia and regional administrations.
Partnership on equal terms
The partnership expands the service provider’s portfolio and makes it easier for its clients to access the service.
Continuous expansion of partnerships
Polyteia holds framework contracts with several German IT service providers.